Founding Engineer
San Francisco, CA +1 · Remote
Mid-level +1 · Full time
Posted 3 years ago
In one sentence, why is this role awesome? ⭐
We're a mission-driven team that is passionate about using technology to enhance access to health & wellness providers
At Haven, our mission is to enable anyone to easily and affordably access high-quality health & wellness providers. Our initial focus is on mental health providers, but we're also working with nutritionists, dietitians, physical therapists, and more.
We've launched on the Apple App Store and are looking for an experienced full-stack engineer to join us as we refine and scale our product. As Haven's Founding Engineer, you'll work directly with our Founders to shape the future of our company.
We're founded by two Stanford Computer Science and Symbolic Systems grads with former experience at Amazon and McKinsey. Our team currently consists of our two Founders (CEO and CTO), our Chief Provider (a therapist working full-time to build out the provider side of our platform), and a UX Designer. We've raised a pre-seed from leading angel investors, including the founders of Shutterstock and DoNotPay. We have a network of ~25 health & wellness providers on our platform, and we're looking to reach ~1,000 providers and ~50,000 users over the next year.
What you'll be doing
  • Work with our founders to identify and prioritize new features for our user-facing mobile app (React Native) and our provider-facing web app (React)
  • Be the right hand to our CTO as we develop our engineering and product organizations
  • Spec, design, and build functionality in our mobile and web apps, as well as our serverless backend (Firebase and Google Cloud)
  • Meet with providers and users to understand their needs, and coordinate with our UX designer to address them
Why you'll love working at Haven
  • We're a mission-driven team that is passionate about using technology to enhance access to health & wellness providers
  • We offer a generous salary and equity package
  • We have an office in San Francisco, but you can work from anywhere in the US
  • We are committed to prioritizing our own team's health & wellness - we offer great health insurance, have an unlimited vacation policy, and encourage everyone on our team to take time off as needed to focus on their personal well-being
We build software to help patients save time and money.
Size:  1-10 employees
Year Founded:  2021
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